Offender Profiling

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  • Offender Profiling
    • Key Terms
      • Profiling
        • Method for helping police identify the offender, nature of the crime & how it is carried out
      • Unstructured Interview
        • Interviews with no pre- determined questions
      • Dichotomy
        • Dividing things into 2 distinct categories
      • Multi- Dimensional Scaling
        • Statistical technique designed to analyse relationships between several variables. Each variable is a given value
      • Modus Operandi
        • A way of working. The criminals 'signature'
    • Origins of Offender Profiling
      • Go back as far as Jack the Ripper
      • Formal profiles go back as far as Lange's profile of Hitler & Howard's characteristics of a Nazi war criminal
    • James Brussel
      • Problems
        • Based on common sense about bombings at the time...
          • Errors in letters sent to police hinted that the bomber was not born in the USA
          • Most Eastern Europeans are Roman Catholics & tended to live in Connecticut or West Chester
          • Bombing associated with paranoid disorders which peak at 40-50
          • Bombs tended to be an Eastern European protest strategy
      • New York Bomber Profile
        • Eastern European & Roman Catholic
        • Likely wears buttoned up double breasted suit
        • Living in Connecticut or West Chester with Sister or Maiden Aunt
        • Male high school graduate aged 40-50
      • Bombers actual description
        • Wearing double breasted suit when arrested
        • Living in Connecticut with 2 older sisters
        • 54
        • Polish (therefore Slavic & Roman Catholic)
      • 1st profile used in an investigation


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