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Evaluate the use of Offender Profiling with reference to Empirical
Data. [12 Marks]
Holmes (1989) defined Offender Profiling as a method of helping to identify the
perpetrator of a crime based on the native of the offence and the manner in which it is
committed. They are four…

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An alternative approach is the British Approach, which was developed in the 1980
based of the work of Canter. The British Approach is based on psychological theories
and 2 key assumptions, the first assumption is that individual offenders are consistent
but have identifiable differences, the second assumption is…

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One study that supports the geographic approach is Shaw & McKay (1942) who
identified a pattern of juvenile delinquency and crime zones. This study suggested that
delinquency is likely to become the norm in them areas. Another study that supports the
geographic approach is Rossmo (1997) who showed…




A well written essay which can provide you with some great ideas when looking at how useful offender profiling is.

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