Of Mice and Men: Main Characters and their influences.

This is my personal mind map of the book. This is up to how far I've read. There are spoilers in here!!!!! Hope it helps you. And again, this mind map is filled with SPOILERS!!

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  • Of Mice and Men
    • Lennie
      • Large,  strong, not the brightest
        • Lennie  cannot keep his and George's dream a secret.
          • He talks to Crooks about the dream, and he talks to Curley's wife about it. George had warned Lennie about doing so.
      • Lennie likes to tend pets and such.
        • His brute force kills them though
        • Lennie liked Curley's wife's hair after she offered him a hug.
          • He holds on though. Curley's wife shouts. And Lennie, in attempts to smother the screams by covering her mouth, kills her.
            • His brute force kills them though
      • Thinks Curley's wife is pretty
    • George
      • Suffers from small man syndrome
      • Strong,  always cautious
      • Likes to be in charge. But shows it subtly
      • George is accused off just using Lennie to get money
        • And at some points in the story his frustration and treatment towards Lennie shows this.
    • The American Dream
      • Lennie and George have a dream
        • They'll have their own land, with their own land and their own garden with pets etc.
    • Curley
      • Always looking to have bragging   rights over someone
        • Trying to relive his Golden Gloves days
          • Best cliche for him: His bark is louder than his bite
            • Lennie proves this when he crushes Curley's hand
    • Curley's wife
      • Amongst the workers, she's a bit of a butch. But not according to Lennie....
        • Thinks Curley's wife is pretty
      • Has a dream as well. Wanted to be an actor
      • Her relationship with her husband is extremely unstable
        • They are always looking for each other at night
          • Curley's wife thinks that Curley deserved his broken hand
    • Slim
      • Slim is described as majestic, wise.
        • Slim's talent on the field is described to being so great that he can take a gnat off your head with a whip. Without you realising
    • Crooks the '*****'
      • In the setting of this story: '1930s' Blacks were abused racially and degraded.
        • Crooks takes this and says that if  'they' of their rules about him, he has his rules about 'them'
          • He is very isolated. He doesn't let anyone come to his little stable.
      • Crooks however at one point in the story forgets about his skin colour and stands up to Curley's wife, asking her to leave.
        • Curley's wife then reminds him of his 'position' in society and he backs away
          • Because of Curley's skin colour, he has developed the ability to see trouble from miles away
    • Candy
      • Candy is an old worker. He gets emotionally attached very easy.
        • Candy actually kickstarts the push for George and Lennie's dream.
          • George and Lennie were hoping to work to the end of the month and then find another place to get their money to move to their dream home.
            • Candy overhears their plans and then offers them money to join them.
              • This contribution means that George and Lennie can start bidding for the land immediately


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