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Crooks is a character who has to come to terms with one of the main themes within the novel of 'Of Mice & Men', racism.

Throughout the novel,Crooks is never really spoken about in depth, always just briefly summed up as the 'stable buck'. In the novel, it isn't even until chapter 4 when he finally gets introduced.

'Crooks, the ***** stable buck'. Already within the first line of his introduction, we're shown the harsh reality of how these ranch workers were treated if they didn't fit a certain criteria. His belongings have been described, highlighting the pain of his life, the discomfort that he has to suffer everyday. 'hung broken', 'knives', 'needles'. All of this baggage along with his 'medicine bottles' emphasises the idea that Crooks has sold his health to the ranch, this is all he has left and it's resulting in him living a life of irritation and pain. 

The name Crooks came about due to him suffering an accident whilst working on the ranch. Whilst working as a stable buck, the


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