English Language- Of Mice and Men- How to answer the questions

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  • English Language- Of Mice And Men
  • Explore how the language in the extract influences the reader's view of...
  • Clothing
    • Speech
      • Interaction
        • Movement of Character
          • Environment
  • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
      • Verbs
        • Figurative Speech
  • What happens in the extract?
    • What key Phrases show me this?
      • How do you feel  as a result?
        • How have you been influenced?
  • Writing My Response.
    • 4/5 P.Q.E's
      • Part A- 25 MINUTES
  • Part B- 24 Marks- 36 Minutes!
    • Explore how the  writer presents ...in one other part of the novel.
    • 6 P.Q.E's
      • Repeat Above


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