Mice of Men section two in detail

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Section two

George and Lennie have arrived at the ranch and the 'old swamper' Candy has shown them around the bunk house. Candy has a very old, decrepit dog.

George is concerned about lice from the previous owned of his bed.

The boss is talked about - 'a pretty nice fella'- and the stable-hand Crooks. The boss meets George and Lennie.

Curley the boss's son, comes into the bunk house and causes some trouble with Lennie. Curley is a short man and resents large men. Curleys boxing is commented on and he is said to be 'pretty handy'.

Curleys wife vists the bunk house and flirts with the men

George becomes very worried and Curley frightens George. 'I hate that kind of guy' and reminds Lennie about going to the pool if trouble occurs

Slim the jerkline skinner and unofficial leader of the ranch hands, meets Ge and Lennie. He wins Ge's confidence with his natural authority and dignity 

Slim offers Lennie one of his puppys from his very own litter

This section is important because...

It introduces us to the bunk house where most of the novella is set. This is the home of all the ranch hands except Crooks 

All the main characters on the ranch are mention in this section

Curley is clearly identified as trouble and a threat to the two men as is his wife. It is becoming these two characters may be the downfall of Ge and Lennie

We are given clear hunts about upcoming trouble

Steinbeck shows us real, life like characters. He gives a mix of good and bad people and this mixture helps to…


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