Observations: Child Psych

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  • Observations In Child Psych
    • AO1
      • Involves watching a participants behaviour in a particular situation.
        • May involve tallying the number of times a specific behaviour is demonstrated
      • Structured/naturalistic enviorn.
        • Nat = no manipulation by the researcher. Struc = same situ repeated with diff Ps.
      • Can be done with(overt) or without(covert) the P knowing.
        • If covert, must be in a public place
      • Reseacher sometimes involved (P) or may just be observing (Non-P)
      • KEY: In child psych eg the ** is used to classify att types.
        • Covert, structured procedure where a stranger and parent interacts with a child in different ways
    • AO2
      • Covert: eco val, P unaware so no DC.
        • Eg, in the ** the baby will not know the researcher is looking for how anxious they are in each stage so the baby will act naturally.
          • Therefore, results can be gen to similar real life situs.
      • Struc: rel, situ is controlled and standardised.
        • Eg, in the ** there is a set procedure to follow in 8 key stages with the mother/stranger entering, leaving and interacting.
          • Therefore, if repeated we would expect similar results.
      • Covert: ethics, Ps don't know they are being studied so can't give informed consent or have the right to withdraw.
        • However, in the ** the mother can consent so no issue.
      • Struct: eco val, partly artificial so situ isn't completely natural.


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