Summary of Basic Nutrients

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  • Nutrients
    • Protein
      • essential to life, as all living cells are built from protein molecules
      • used by the body for the repair of cells in body tissues
      • used by the body for growth of new cells
    • Carbohydrates
      • supply energy for all activities
      • supply energy to maintain the normal body temperature
      • supply indigestible fibrous materials to aid digestion
      • are important in the structure of cells
    • Fats
      • concentrated source of energy
      • essential to structure and function of body cells
      • stored under the skin where it acts as an insulator
      • digested very slowly, therefore prevents hunger sensations for longer than other nutrients
    • Vitamins
      • affect the ageing process and help prevent disease
      • regulate the building and repair of body cells
    • Minerals
      • enter the body fluids and cells, and are needed in definite amounts in definite places
      • used by the body to maintain health
  • used by the body for growth of new cells


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