critiques of religios belief

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  • non existence of god and critiques of religious belief
    • atheism- 'without/no god'. weak atheism/strong atheism.
      • believers in god are deluded? r.e can be explained in other ways. loss of faith/unanswered prayers
      • agnosticism- materialism- energy and matter are the only things that exist. naturalism- the laws of nature operate the universe. scepticism- no certain belief is possible. unbelief is lack of faith or rejection of faith. non belief.
    • sociological critiques- Emile Durkheim- functionalist theory of religion in which he claimed that religion unites and preserves the community.
      • primary loyalty to god is more important than the community. some people still go against religion. society constantly changes whereas god doesnt
      • karl marx- the idea of god satisfies emotional needs. humanity created god. religion offers a false promise of release from distress.
        • religious beliefs and teachings can be open to interpretation & it can be an influence for both change and stagnation.
    • popularist critique- Richard dawkins- amazing enough humans exist at all, a Darwinian world view makes belief in god un necessary
      • if religious belief is a meme so is dawkins atheism. dawkins memes may well be bliks. can science really explain everything? is atheism scientifically proven?
      • other arguments- the problem of evil. science. moral case against the existence of god.




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