No right or wrong religions

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  • No right or wrong religions
    • After having rejected all claims of 'absolute truth' post modernists would then argue that there can therefore be no 'right' or 'wrong' religions
    • Therefore if there is a rejection of absolute truth, there must also be a rejection of all individuals claim to truth.
    • OS Guinness: "There is no truth; only truths. There is no grand reason; only reasons"
    • Derrida argued that "Deconstruction is not an enclosure in nothingness but an openness to the other"
      • Post modernism frees people from having to conform to religious or atheistic beliefs
    • At the heart of Postmodernism lays a genuine agnosticism about the whole thing
    • John Caputp adopts in his book 'religion without religion' For Caputo, 'true religion'  refers to the virtue of being truly religious


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