New Media

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  • New Media
    • Marxist
      • Economic power
        • We see the development of new models of production, distribution, and exchange
          • One significant new model is the development of open economic systems; Tapscott & Williams call this 'Wikinomics'
        • It encourages materialism and consumerism and furthers Capitalist domination and control
        • Free business models are only free in th sense that their costs are hidden
      • Political power
        • Use of the internet helps to develop global networks of individuals who share concerns about social and political issues
        • The global flow of information weakens the state's hold over individuals and ideas
        • Mass communication tools can be used by repressive regimes to restrict individual freedoms and enhance various forms of state surveillance
        • Highly concentrated ownership allows corporations to buy up competitors
      • Cultural power
        • The global village combines collectivity with individuality, which leads to the development of new ways of thinking and behaving
        • Social inequalities are reflected in internet use.
          • The digital divide meanss that those who are excluded from terrestrial society are also likely to be excluded from online society
    • Pluralist
      • Economic power
        • E-commerce offers more choice to consumers, it increases competition
          • It often leads to lower prices and it puts consumers in control, as they can pick and choose from a vast range of products
      • Political power
        • The ability to participate online (digital citizenship) is essential for a fully democratic society.
        • The internet is now so important that people must participate to play a full part in mainstream society
      • Cultural power
        • New media can inform the public about cultural matters, such as global warming effects and self harm


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