The Mass Media

What is the Mass Media?

  • The Mass Media is a type of communication from a small amount of producers to consumers
  • This is done orally, visually or written
  • Examples of the Mass Media are, television, cinema, newspapers and magazines
  • The BBC produces T.V programmes which are seen by millions of people


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What is New Media?

  • New media also known has digital media
  • Examples of new media are CD's, DVD's, Computers, internet and mobile phones
  • New media has been developed for the past 30 years
  • New media has been devloped and it is not controlled by one institution
  • There has been transformations in old media for example there is digital TV now and image manipulation software
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What is said about the Mass Media?

  • Marshall McLuhan has said that we inhabit a 'global village'
  • A Global Village is where ideas, images and prodcuts can be communicated in an instant
  • But most of what we know is filtered by the media
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