attitudes towards the new media

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  • attitudes towards the new media
    • neophiliacs
      • positive about the benefits of the media
      • believe new forms of media have lead to an increased amount of consumer choice
      • new forms of media have lead to the revitalization of democracy
      • this has been done due to the media giving the audience control over what media they consume
      • optimistic about the spread of new media
    • cultural pessimists
      • critical about the new media
      • development of the new media has lead to us living in an increased state of surveillance
        • E.G. Cambridge Analytica scandal adds significantly to this sort of analysis
      • increasing the types of crime and opportunity for crime
        • E.G. identity theft
      • believes that new media had all the disadvantages of the old media but bring extra with it
        • including the increase in inaccurate information and fake news
        • new media is evolutionary not revolutionary
      • believe that the new media reinforces elite power
        • E.G. causes a class divide


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