New Media

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  • New Media
    • The evolution of existing media delivery systems. New media formats have emerged
      • CONVERGENCE- combining technologies
      • COMPRESSION- multiple digital signals sent down the same cable
      • INTERACTIVITY- audeinces interact with media in 'real time'
      • neophilliacs
        • New media is beneficial to society
        • We now have cutting edge technology, making us more interactive than ever before
        • We have an ever-increasing consumer choice, as there is more media competition, creating quality products for the audience
        • New media offers people education/ information to play an active role in democratic societies
        • New media gives us free expression and exchange of information
          • The internet gives a voice to those that would go otherwise unheard
      • cultural pessimists
        • Old technology is an integral part of the new media
        • Interactivity is nothing new, the internet is dominated by a small number of media corporations
        • We have a decline in quality of popular culture, as quality begins to decrease with the more media channels we have
        • Companies that engage in e-commerce have surveillance on their consumer, through cookies
          • Cookies allow the media to target the audience based on their wants and needs
        • Not all participants in the new media are equal
          • Government departments and media giants work hard to ensure their views dominate the internet
        • We lack online regulation, allowing all viewpoints, i.e. racist and homophobic to be represented


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