negative feedback mechanisms

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  • Negative feedback mechanisms
    • weaken the change
    • cloud cover
      • clouds effective at absorbing infrared radiation - have large greenhouse effect so warm the Earth. Also reflect ISR so cool the Earth. Changes in altitude, water content etc affects how much they warm or cool the earth.
    • ocean current
      • North Atlantic Drift is a warm ocean current which is part of the GLOBAL THERMOHALINE CURRENT. it moves warmer water from the equator up towards North West Europe which keeps the climate warm.
        • melting of Greenland causes freshwater to flow to the north Atlantic. this desalinises the water which makes it less dense, so it may not cool, condense and sink as much as before (back to the equator)
          • could shut down the thermohaline current and cause temperatures to drop by up to 2 degrees in NW Europe and eastern USA


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