Impacts of Climate Change

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Sea temperatures rises causes sea levels. Incease in sea levels causing coasal eroison. 

Temperature rises cause ice caps to melt. This causes destruction of habitats therefore species such as Polar bears become endangered. Loss of biodiversiy

Increases in hazards for example as sea temperatures rises this means oceans become warmer provide a source for cyclones. Increase frequncy and magnitude in hydrometerological hazrds. 

Changes in eco systems- desertification sahel countries 

Migration of speices- cod is moving further north 

Increase sea temperatures coral ree failures and reduction in marnie spieces. The sea temperatures increase becauseof thermal expanison. Since 1960 there has been a 1.8 mm rise per ea

Sea level rises- ice shees melt on land, increase in glacial meltwater, eustatic increase

Melting of ice reduces salinity od seawater, disrupt ecosysme, less saline means less dense. 

Reduces salinity of sea water, weaken cold currents less dense, therefore does not sinkas much, weaken warm current, modifies or disspear 

Land rising/dinking

weightt ice sheets on land

ablation- lighten

slow change



change in temperatures of sea, amount of water

thermal expanison

relatively quick change


Speices chane diversity

loss of sea ice

increases sea temperatures

increases in solar radiation

phytoplankton- decline which leds to decline in predators 
OR inavsion of warm water


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