Need for Reforms 1906-1914

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  • Need for Reforms 1906-1914
    • Show up Conservatives
      • Didn't do enough for the poor
      • Didn't look after W/C
      • 1904 reforms left to councils to implement
      • 17/20 years in power and did nothing
    • Defuse Threat from Labour
      • Social reforms proposed
      • TU Support
      • W/C support
      • Small party
      • Lib Pact
      • Very little legislation came from labour threat
    • Unite Party after Home Rule
      • Continuity
      • Free Trade
      • Help deserving poor
    • Tackle Poverty
      • Rowntree and Booth
      • Growing awareness
      • Size and population grew and urbanised
      • Fears of ruiling classes disorder and revoulutiion higlighted class divide
      • 1/4 in population in richest country
      • Factord beyond control which put people in poverty
        • Irregular work, low wages, old age, sickness, death, living standards
    • National Efficiency
      • Boer War
      • Health of workers
      • Overtaken by Germany & USA


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