The Reichstage Fire, 1933

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The Reichstage Fire, 1933


  • Van der Lubbe and some others set the building on fire.
  • They were communist supporters.
  • Gave a huge opportunity to Hitler and the other members of the Nazi party.


  • Hitler and Goebbels exploited the Reichstag fire and made it look like it was a communist conspiracy.
  • This allowed Hitler to make Hindenburg declare a state of emergency. This allowed Hitler to govern by decree.
  • He also persuaded Hindenburg to call an election on the 5th March 1933, so he could win more seats in the Reichstag.
  • Before the election Hitler issued the Decree for the Protection of the People and State- this gave him powers to suspend the civil rights of the German citizens, he was therefore able to imprison political opponents and ban communist newspapers.

Overall summary

It was used as propaganda for the Nazi party and was used as an opportunity to attack the communists and hold another election to gain more power.


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