Nazi Germany - propaganda

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  • Nazi propaganda
    • All posters published ny the Nazis pushed the Nazi message. Typical propaganda messages showed:
      • Hitler was the superhuman leader and man of destiny and was saving Germany
      • The power of the Nazis
      • By working together, Germans were creating order out of chaos
      • The importance of racial purity and the danger of this to the Jews
      • The improvement of Germany under Nazi control
      • Also pushed particular policies and issues
        • Women: have children
        • Children: join Hitler youth/ German maiden's league
    • Goebbels
      • Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda
      • Was in charge of what the German people should and should not hear
    • Nuremberg rallies
      • Gave the german people a sense of belonging to a great movement
      • Showed the power of the state
      • Nazis create order out of chaos so it was organised to emphasise order
    • 1936 Berlin Olympics
      • Best technology
        • Modern electric lighting
        • Biggest stopclock ever built
        • Television cameras
      • Amazed other countries
    • Media
      • Everything was censored, no anti-Nazi ideas


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