Natural Law

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  • Natural Law
    • Primary Precepts
      • Worship God
      • Preservation of life
      • Ordered society
      • Education of the young
      • Reproduce
    • Secondary Precepts
      • These come from the primary precepts
      • We have to use reason to make rules
      • E.g. 'Do not murder' as this breaks the primary precept of 'preservation of life'
    • Real and apparent goods
      • No one does evil acts on purpose
      • We reason wrongly thinking we're doing good (apparent good)
    • Natural law
      • The theory that a natural moral law can be discovered by reason
    • Divine law
      • The Bible - reflect the eternal law but is only seen by those who believe in God
    • Eternal law
      • Gods plan for everyone and the way in which he governs the universe.
      • Only known by God
    • Interior and exterior acts
      • Interior acts- the intention or motive
      • Exterior acts- the act itself
      • Both should be good for the act to be good
    • The theory is...
      • Deontological
        • Based on the action not the consequences
      • From the Stoics- believed we had a divine spark
    • Doctrine of double effect
      • Good things can have bad consequences


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