Natural Law

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  • Natural Law
    • Aquinas
      • Humans made in Gods image
      • Real and Apparent Good
        • Apparent good- some that seems good, or right thing to do but doesn't ft the perfect human ideal
          • Use our reasoning to distinguish between them
        • Real Good- right thing to do, fits with human ideal
          • Use our reasoning to distinguish between them
      • Telos
        • Everything has a function and a purpose and should achieve its purpose
        • Every human has same purpose and aim
      • Primary Precepts
        • Preservation of life
        • Reproduction
        • To educate and learn
        • Bring order to society
        • To worship God
        • God given inclinations (divine spark) which will lead to highest good
        • Used to achieve good and avoid evil
        • Abosolute
      • Secondary Precepts
        • Derived from primary precepts
        • More teleological as dependant on human judgement and reasoning
        • Require experience and reason
        • allows  us to set up practical rules
      • Doctrine of double effect
        • Some cases cant do good without bad consquences
        • Bad act to bring good consequence can never be justified
        • Justify a good act eveen if it will have and unintended bad consequences
          • Bad consequence may be foreseen but not intemded
      • Laws
        • Eternal law
          • God controls universe. Known entirely by God, we can only have partial understanding of it.
        • Divine Law
          • Told though Bible, mirrors Eternal Law. Only revealed to Christians.
        • Natural Law
          • Moral law can be discovered and accessed by everyone, uses reason and logic
        • Human law
          • Everyday rules we must follow (eg. legal system)
    • Deontological
    • Absolute
    • Origins
      • Aristotle
        • Everything has a purpose, a telos
          • For humans  our telos is eudaimonia- hapiness
      • Stoics
        • Believed in a God given divine spark
    • Underpins the ethics of Catholic Church




this is so good thank you :)

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