Natural Law Mind Map

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  • Natural Law
    • 7 Virtues
      • There are two groups of virtues - cardinal and theological
        • Cardinal
          • Fortitude
          • Prudence
          • Justice
          • Temperance
        • Theological
          • Hope
          • Charity
          • Faith
        • Theological are for Christians to follow, Cardinal virtues are for everyone
    • Precepts (rules)
      • Reason gives us natural law precepts
      • Primary precepts are used to work out secondary precepts which happen day-to-day
      • People sin because of an error in our reason pursuing Apparent Goods instead of Real Good
    • Exterior and interior acts
      • For Aquinas the INTENTION and the ACTION is important
      • It has to be a Good Exterior act (the action people can see) AS WELL as the Good Interior act (your intentions)
        • Giving money to charity because you want to save lives for it to be MORALLY RIGHT
    • Final Cause
      • Human final cause = to get closer to God
      • Everything has a final cause
      • Neither physical nor academic pleasures can be final cause
      • Humans have a final cause and that's why we use our reason (Aquinas)
    • Aquinas built his idea of natural law
      • Natural law is deontological (right and wrong exists before the outcome)
      • Natural law is absolute (come from God)
      • Natural law is objective


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