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Design Argument:

Infers the existence of God from a particular aspect or character of the world, namely presence
of order, regularity and purpose
Order, regularity and purpose are seen as marks of design- God must be the source of that
Telos= `end' or `purpose'
A Posteriori argument
Inductive- move…

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Richard Swinburne has pointed out Aquinas' argument is not entirely satisfactory
His famous argument compares a rock and a watch:
If you went for a walk and found a rock you could conclude it had been there
forever and not think any more about it. If you found a…

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Mill's essay on nature summarises what, for Mill, was a key problem in the teleological
Mill develops Hume's point about the imperfection in nature. He engages seriously with
the problem of evil and works through the possible consequences for the traditional
theistic God
Cruelty of nature:
Mill feels that…


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