Natural Law

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  • Natural Law
    • Aquinas
      • 4 Tiers of Law
        • Eternal Law - God's will for how the universe is to be
        • Divine Law - That which is revealed by God, such as the 10 commandments.
        • Natural Law - Right reason in accordance with human nature this can be worked out by considering what is good for human flourishing
        • Human Law - As humans are social animals they need to make regulations for society to be orderly. Human laws must not contradict Natural Law
      • Primary Precepts
        • Preservation of life
        • Ordering of Society
        • Worship of God
        • Education of children
        • Reproduction
      • Secondary Precepts
        • From the ideas of the primary precepts we can derive the secondary precepts.
        • For example abortion may be seen as wrong as it goes against the primary precepts of preservation of life and reproduction
    • Ius and Lex
      • Lex- Latin term from which we derive legislation refers to specific rule or regulation
      • Ius- Latin term which refers to the general principle of law, not to specific regulations
    • The Telos
      • Things on earth seek to achieve their goal - their Telos
      • Aquinas believed that we are only able to be fully what we should be - what god meant us to be
      • For Aristotle our earthly goal is to flourish in a community he had no belief in personal survival after death
    • John Finnis
      • Strongly based on Aristotelian principles
      • Basic Forms of Human Flourishing
        • Pursuit of Good
        • The relevance of consequences
        • Followings ones conscience
        • Coherent Plan of Life
    • Objections
      • Vagueness it does not enable us to be certain on what to do in significant cases
      • Unclear Conclusion the issue of vagueness means it may be possible to construct arguments in opposing directions
      • Un-Christian Theory some protestant thinkers have argued against natural law as ultimately unbiblical
      • Acceptance if natural law is accessible to all one would expect more people to accept the teaching more widely
      • A Purposive Universe


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