National Government

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  • National Government
    • Wall Street stock exchange collapsed
      • Global decline in trade and production
        • Almost all Labour MP's disagreed with making cuts in spending
          • Thought to be necessary to avoid economic catastrophy
          • 1931 MacDonald and Philip Snowden went ahead with cuts
            • MacDonald and supporting ministers expelled from labour party
              • George Lansbury - new party leader
              • 24 August, MacDonald announced he would serve as PM of a 'National Government' to face the emergency
                • MacDonald persuaded to stay on by King George V, due to his sense of patriotic duty.
                • To have government instability could only make things worse for Britain.
                • Conservatives chose to support MacDonald
    • British public supported calls for national unity in the face of economic crisis.
      • Voted for the National Government in huge numbers.


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