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Nationalism…read more

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Organic Self-
Society Determination…read more

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Identity Politics
The emotional side of nationalism
Gives people a history, forges social bonds and creates a sense of
something bigger
Mystical, not rational
Cultural Nationalism: Draws on popular rituals, traditions
and legends, rather than an elite culture
Originated in Germany
Herder believed that each nation posesses a `national spirit
The role of nationalism is to develop an awareness and
appreciation of a nation's culture and traditions
Ethnic nationalism: Loyalty towards a distinctive
population, cultural group or territorial area
Black nationalism has strong ethnic undertones
Political/Civic Nationalists Ethno-cultural Nationalists
Objective considerations Subjective considerations
Will, memory
Language Patriotic Loyalty…read more

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The desire for popular sovereignty
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Government should not be based on the absolute power of
the monarch, but on the indivisible collective will of the
Sovereignty resides with the nation
Link between nation-hood and statehood
Nationalism legitimises the authority of
Independent nation-states are natural and
irresistible…read more

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Links to self-determination
Usually from a state/government
Link to anti-colonialism…read more

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Stems from the conservative belief that there is a natural
We have 2 identities
The sovereign individual
Members of a nation
These two identities are organic and natural as well as inevitable
People come together in certain circumstances, like wars, sports games
or national events
The world is divided into national cultures
The collection of factors that make people think of
themselves as a single, separate community
An extreme synthesis between organic society and
nationalism is found in fascism…read more

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Old Sir


This is a very useful set of slides, with some thought provoking issues raised. As one of the most controversial topics it is important for students who are preparing for A2 synoptic discussions to gather evidence from a variety of sources to address AO2, (assessment and evaluation) and treat all critically.

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