Napoleon;domestic policy

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  • Napoleon's Domestic policy
    • Achievements
      • Fianance
        • New currency-Germinal Franc
        • Bank of France
        • centralised collection of tax-more efficient
        • rev from indirect tax over 400%in 1806-12
        • wages of public officials and army paid
      • Law
        • Civil Code
        • the code guaranteed many of the gains of the Rev. prop. rights.
      • Education
        • Lycees-special school
        • secondary educ.
        • highly centralised -social control
        • Imperial uni- ministry for educ.
      • church
        • Concordat 1801
          • centralised church and state(no longer separate)
          • Cath was still major relig.
          • priests paid
          • relig. toleration
          • Pope still rec.
        • weakened opponents weapon
          • therefore little reaction from either side
        • secured biens nationaux
        • organic Articles - gave NB control of appointments/ imperial catechism-increased duties of Christ. to emperor
        • pope at crown.-prop
      • Brought social peace no coups/revolts/ in 1807
        • strong gov. after weak
      • popular
        • legion of honour/prop.
      • seemed to rule on consent
    • Failures
      • Finance
        • Tax on salt
        • Bank of France threatned by risky bizz import of silver from mexico to spain then france -1805
        • later war was less successful worsening the situation.
      • law
        • C.code was illiberal doc-lack of rights for married women, black people
        • the livret on workers
      • education
        • ordinary pple were neglected-NB doesn't reach aim
        • boys over girls
        • total obedience to uni
        • lack of freedom of thought.
      • church
        • Jacobins dislike public worship
        • after 1807 pope and emperor relationship turns sour
        • caths,lose support for NB as he imprisons pope for several yrs.


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