Musical elements

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  • The musical elements
    • Melody
      • The tune of the piece of music
      • Do the notes go up or down (ascending or descending)?
      • Is it step like or are there leaps (conjunct or disjunct)?
      • Does the melody repeat?
      • Is it in sequence (a pattern going up or down)?
    • Harmony and tonality
      • The key of the piece
      • What chords are used?  How often do they change?
      • Is it major or minor?
      • Is it out of tune/ clashy (dissonant)?
      • Are pedal notes used?
    • Dynamics
      • How loud or soft the piece of music is played.
      • Crescendo
      • Diminuendo
    • Structure
      • How the piece is layed out.
      • Verse chorus (song)
      • A,B,A  (Instrumental)
    • Tempo
      • How fast or slow a piece is.
      • Accelerando
      • Ritardando
    • Texture
      • Monophonic- One melody
      • Polyphonic- several melodies
      • Homophonic-melody and chords
      • Imitation - copies
    • Rhythm/metre
      • Simple(3/4)
      • compound(6/8)
      • Repetititive
      • Syncopated
      • Ostinato


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