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  • Musicals
    • The structure of songs in musicals
      • Some musicals are through-composed,which use little or no dialogue and everything is sung.
      • Strophic form-the same melody is repeated but with different words.
      • Many songs from Musicals use verse and chorus form.
      • Chorus
        • sets the refrain of the lyrics and often contains the title words
        • Usually returns several times, always with the same words
        • Is normally the “catchiest” part of the song and has a membrable melody
        • The verse usually has different words, sung to the same music, with each repetition.
    • Origins of musical theatre
      • In 1943 and this was the first musical to combine a plot  with music and dance which ‘moved the story forward’.
      • In the late 1800’s, a duo called Gilbert and Sullivan began writing short,comic operas designed for everyone
      • An oratorio was like an opera but based on a religious or sacred theme and performed without staging or costumes, often in a church.
      • Film has been greatly influenced by musicals.
      • From 1970, audiences have seen musicals split into genres and subcategories.
      • The 1920’s and 1930’s saw a huge boom in musicals and theatre productions. Theatre, at this time, was one of the main forms of entertainment.
      • Musicals now often address very serious issues and are not just for entertainment (Les Misérables 1980, Miss Saigon 1989) and rock musicals (Hair 1967, Grease 1971
      • The “Golden Age” of Musicals lay between 1943-1968 in Britain and America (Annie Get Your Gun – Irving Berlin – 1946; Kiss Me Cate – Cole Porter – 1948). Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote Oklahoma
      • Many Disney films are done in the style of musicals and there are adaptations of films into musicals (The Lion King 1997) as well as musicals based on the career of a group or artist (We Will Rock You, 2002; Mamma Mia 1999).
      • Orientated from Opera
        • Operas contained main/lead characters, minor characters and the chorus
        • Operas are made up of recitative (a type of sung dialogue
          • Duets
          • Solo songs(arias)
          • Ensembles and chorus numbers
          • often begin with an instrumental introduction called the overture
    • What is a musical theatre?
      • A summary or outline of the plot of a Musical is called a synposis.
      • Musicals are usually performed in theatres, most famously on Broadway and in the West End of London. “Broadway” is also used as a general term to refer to American Musicals
      • Musical theatre combines music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance; also called ‘musicals’, they are usually performed in theatres


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