The Elements of music

Table describing the elements of music, so that you can answer all of those questions correctly

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Elements/Analysing Music
MELODY- Chordal, triadic, scalic, conjunct, angular,
fragmentary, disjunctive/leaps, ascending,
descending, repetitive, (rhythm?)
RHYTHM- Simple, complex, syncopation, dotted rhythms,
many rests, cross rhythms, polyrhythm, accents,
TEXTURE- Polyphonic, homophonic, heterophony (often
ethnic), monophonic/unison
TIMBRE- Instruments + combinations, instrumental force,
quality of sound (nasal/breathy), strings, brass,
jazz band, orchestra,
DYNAMICS- ppp sfz , sfp
ARTICULATION- Staccato, legato, accents, (techniques? ­
pizzicato, mutes, double stopping, flutter
HARMONY- How many chords? what are they? 3rds/6ths?
Block, broken? Alberti base, suspensions
TEMPO- Italian terms, bpm, tempo change, rubato,
accelerando, rall., pause, a tempo
TONALITY- Sense of key, major/minor/modal/atonal/blues
scale/pentatonic/chromatic, polytonal,
modulations, raga, cadence
INFLUENCES- Unusual sounds, ethnic, fusion
MOOD- Italian terms, feeling but refer back to piece
ORNAMENTATION- Trills, mordents, , , , turns
COMPOSITIONAL Ostinato, pedal note, sequence, repetition, long
DEVICES- sustained notes, imitation


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