Act 2 Murmuring Judges

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  • Act 2 Murmuring Judges
    • Act 2 Scene 3, chaotic like 1st. Immigrants Jason help. Ostensibly barry stood her up deep he's bent = irony folders. Barry lost faith CJS dye = no rehab. Datker side emot blackmail
      • sexism - cherish. Racism 'dealing with immigrants' Power blue collar + tax Sympathy police political football
      • Comedy/ humour 'dreadlocks' 'rubber heels'. Symbolism hero do tright thing not right way bring someone down. Dramatic irony files. Blunt sentences Barry defensive
    • Act 2 Scene 1 dinner differences classes + sadness G
      • power 'amazing dinner' miserable prison, no contact WC. Injustice 'god no hope'
      • symbolism/irony 'white suits' connotations pure but not!
    • Scene 2- HC senior politician then believes 'trigger happy' judges want change. Judges not concern. Irina money water down role. Cuddeford **** not wish = not serious. Mutual criticisms police + judiciary
      • judge pickles alteast wear condom
      • resistence to change ' not our problem' not listen German. Power anecdote Charles II they above law injustice 'common muck' + ****
      • Irony fish + baden eat food not listeng. sitting metaphore going through time at bottom. Cuddeford prayer juxtaposes
      • 'fine net' power public fish. Young Roebuck symbolism Gerard stripped from family 'fruit gravy' lies around him
    • Scene 4 victim of barry, screams drowned showers. Guards dodgey/ not caring. new or appeal?
      • power corrupt guards
      • 'black *****' whole country racist
      • darkness lets imagination wonder ****d? symbolism of the towel/ stripped away/ vulnerable
    • Scene 5 - sp sexist elitist reveals in Irina admitting cares. Sir Peter exuses to fail. 'police club' they don't get punished. Sir P hypocritical same. Irina 'cut through ****' SP those he defends 'like rats' easily replace her
      • sexism- woman care must fancy them. Elitism tickets. Resistence 'sit' no empire Time- brief over night
      • sp minor sentences 'so' routine no thought. sexual innuendo 'heart' 'subaverage' irony 'club' both. 'lethal' playing hero bosses expense.
    • Scene 6 hope climax. Irina broke rules needed to. Both flexible. Sandra not outsider dad , accepted more to lose
      • positive change- break rules to see her. Sexism both experience male 'woman why? feel safe?
      • symbolism look over London wider perspective humour 'alternative bar. emotions 'both laugh' Sandra long/ short sentnces = confusion want hero know barry wrong
    • 7 anti climax worse off at end. 'lame dog appeal' compassionate. Cuddeford judge= competition no chance. Angry diff start play combacks. Barry pulls class card but is wrong- misjudgement like Gerard
      • Power court sit high. Sexism/ flirt Irina 'nothing to hide
      • opaque ceiling cant see 'lighting thrown down' playing GOd. Irony SP 'impeccable fairness' original trial flawed. Expletives unprofessional
    • Scene 8 ostensibly happy gerard but not hopeless drug search. Irish lit books IRA, all has on his side. Barry hard done by. Hope Irina drowned out. Sandra confess = action out of chaos
      • justice uni of crime no rehab when released go back. barry given up belief. Elitism game getting one over 'toppy' Resistence - Irina alternative bar
      • stage divided = chaos CJS. Same journey char change not surroundings. herard attack. Facing away = given up. sarcastic 'thank you. Humour police. Darkness- believe Sandra help


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