Mumbai - megacity

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Megacity - Mumbai, India

Pull Factors:

  • Party lifestyle
  • Jobs e.g trade, healthcare, finance, fashion etc.
  • Culture
  • Shopping
  • Good location for trade
  • Healthcare
  • Good economy

Mumbai is going through hyper-urbanisation which is when the increase in the urban population is happening at such a fast rate that the city cannot cope with the needs of the people anymore.

Evidence of hyper-urbanisation:

  • 1951 - population of 3 million
  • 2007 - population of 14 million
  • 2020 - expected population of 26 million

Vision Mumbai - In 2006, Mumbai ranked the 160th country out of 216. It wanted to be ranked higher than this so Mumbai came up with vision mumbai to tackle the cities problems and make the city a world class location by 2013.


  • Massive clean up of shanty towns. 200,000 illegal shanty town residents have been evicted and 45,000 shanty towns have been destroyed.
  • New 7 story apartment buildings have been built for residents to live in.
  • All eco-friendly businesses have been given new technology to improve their businesses - encourages "green" businesses.


  • New 15km


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