Motor Neurons

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  • Motor neurons
    • Functions
      • Dendrites
        • Receive stimuli and convert it into electrical impulses
      • Cell body
        • Contains nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes and endoplasmic reticulum.
      • Nucleus
        • Conrols activities of the cell
      • Axon
        • Nerve impulses travel along it
      • Myelin sheath (schwann cell)
        • Electrical insulator
      • Schwann Cells
        • Myelin sheath is a membrane from this cell - it develops in embryos and wraps around axon.
      • Nodes of Ranvier
        • Gaps between the myelin sheath and where nerve impulses are generated
      • Axon endings
        • axon terminates in a number of dendrites which have contact with effectors e.g. muscles/glands
    • There are three types of neurons
      • Motor
      • Sensory
      • Connector
    • Function of myelin
      • Electrically insulates axon
      • Allows impulses to jump from node to node
      • Speeds up the transmission of action potential


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