Motivation and In Patient Treatments of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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  • Critically Evaluate the Usefulness of Motivational and In-Patient Treatments for Alcohol & Drug Addiction
    • Facts
      • 76.4 Million - alcohol use disorder
      • 15.3 Million - drug use disorder
    • Drug use is chosen behaviour, motivation is central to prevention and intervention.
      • Motivational factors are central to understanding drug use.
      • People often change due to choice or decision.
    • Short Term Residential Treatment
      • 3-6 week followed by outpatients
    • Addiction begins when the person suffering from withdrawal symptoms realizes that a dose of the drug will dissipate all his discomfort and misery.
      • If he then tries it out and actually feels the almost magical relief that he is afforded, he is on his way to confirmed addiction. - Lindesmith 1938
    • Moviational Enhancement Therapy - Miller
      • Ambivalence about substance use and change, support counselling style, evokes change.
    • Long Term Residential Treatment
      • Focus on resocialisation of the individual, developing personal accountability, defining responsibility.


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