Mormon Migration and Settlement in Salt Lake

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  • Mormon Migration and Settlement in Salt Lake
    • Problems in Eastern America
      • Kirtland Ohio- The Mormons were succsessful in Kirtland, but during the depression in 1837, the Mormon bank closed and many lost their savings
      • Independance Missouri- The mormons moved to Independance but were unpopular for anti-slavery beliefs. They were forced to leave in 1838 after riots
      • Nauvoo, Illinois- Over 35,000 mormons settled here. Smith was arrested for polygamy beliefs and later killed.
    • Moving West
      • After Smith's murder, Brigham Young was elected leader. He decided to move west as it was meant to be isolated and full of crops and water. At this time, it was not part of the US.
      • Between 1847-69 70,000 Mormons had moved to SLV
        • In July 1847, Young arrived in Salt Lake Valley. A party of 1500 Mormons had a clear route to follow thanks to the advanced party.
          • In April 1847, an advanced party of 150 set out for Salt Lake Valley. They used the Oregon Trail and Donner Trail.
            • To avoid dangers of travelling in winter, Mormons stayed at Omaha
              • The Journey West
    • Why was Young so important to succsess?
      • He prepared as much as possible.
      • Migrants were divided into groups with its own leader who knew the plans.
      • Built the winer quarters so families could take shelter.
    • Survival in Salt Lake Valley
      • Everyone obeyed Young as he was God's prophet. He decided the church owned the land, and land would be shared.
      • Irrigation systems were built to bring fresh water, so crops could grow.
      • Young used missionaries to create funds.


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