The Early Settlers

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  • The Early Settlers
    • The Mormons
      • Joseph Smith was the founder of the mormons
      • They first settled in Kirtland,Ohio but had to leave our tot he failure of the mormon bank.
        • They then went to Missouri and Navoo but had to leave there too.
      • People were concerned about polygamy and thought the mormons would 'outbreed' them
      • Joseph smith was arrested and killed by a mob of non-mormons because they didn't want him to become president.
    • The migrants
      • After 1840 many settlers crossed the plains for California and Oregon. (Gold Rush)
      • 1843 -The great migration
        • Land shortage and unemployment forced this
      • Many travelled across the Oregon Trail
    • Salt Lake
      • Brigham young took the mormons west to salt lake.
      • It was not part of the USA at the time
      • The perpetual emigrating fund brought mormons from around the world to ensure the survival of the city
      • Salt lake was accepted as a city in 1890 when they gave up polygamy. (Utah)
    • The Miners
      • Gold was discovered in 1848.
        • This encouraged people to move over after the donner party disaster
      • Most miners arrived in 1849 (the forty-niners)
      • Cities like san francisco  were build due to the gold
    • Manifest Destiny
      • A white american belief that god wanted them to control the whole of north america
      • It was an excuse to remove indian tribes
    • Mountain Men
      • The first settlers were mountain men and fur trappers who looked to gain profit from the furs.
      • They met once a year at Rendezvous to sell the furs. In 1840 it ended because fur was unfashionable


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