The Mormon Migration 1846-47

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  • The Mormon Migration, 1846-47
    • The Mormons
      • A religious group that was shunned by other Christians because of their practices (polygamy).
      • Forced to move from one state to another, with opposition to them growing everywhere they went.
      • 1845: ordered to leave Illinois after rioters murdered their leader (Joseph Smith)
        • new leader (Brigham Young) believed god had called on the Mormons to migrate to Salt Lake Valley and build a settlement there to escape prosecution.
    • Reaching Omaha, 1846
      • hostility forced them to leave in February, when weather was very cold.
        • reached Omaha in July, at the northern starting point of the Oregon trial.
          • it was too late to start the travel to Salt Lake Valley, so they stayed in Omaha until the next spring.
    • Reaching the Great Salt Lake, 1847
      • April 1847, 150 Mormons set off to Salt Lake Valley. well supplied, with enough food for a year and a portable boat.
        • once at the Rocky Mountains, they took the Donner Party trail. marked out trail for following parties and found water sources, set up river crossings and ferries, and even planted vegetable crops at places along the way
      • young's party reached Salt Lake Valley in July, and another 1,500 party followed, aided by the preparations made by the first party.
    • Planning the Mormon migration
      • Brigham Young's leadership was very important in the success of the migration.
        • counted people and wagons: organizing logistics of the migration.
        • consulted with trial guided and explorers to learn abut SLV in order to be prepared.
        • divided migrants into manageable groups, each with special skills and a leader.
        • made regular resting points along the route, so as to not exhaust live stock.
    • Meeting the challenges of Salt Lake Valley.
      • obeyed Young completely - they believed him to be a prophet .
        • church owned all land and everyone had to work together for the good of the community.
      • built irrigation systems from freshwater streams - water to grow crops. many people needed to cooperate to do this. Young had that authority.
        • New Mormon settlements spread out to more reliable areas. these made more products.
      • new settlements were planned and designed to produce different products.


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