Depositional landforms - moraines

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  • Depositional landforms
      • A mound of till on the side of a glacier (close to valley walls) - parallel to the direction of glacier flow
      • Rock and debris falling from valley sides - frost shattering of rock wall
      • Mer du Glace - France
        • 1-50m high, as long as the glacier
    • MEDIAL
      • The junction between 2 glaciers - formed by the union of lateral moraines when 2 glaciers join together
      • Material builds up where 2 glaciers meet to form a new glacier
      • Material / debris of rocks and dirt is pushed into the one thin line
    • PUSH
      • Assorted debris that has been pushed up by a glacier as it moves forwards
      • Till is deposited and pushed up from past glacial advances
      • Several hundred m high, 100km long
      • The line marking the furthest point of the glacier
      • Ridges of till; material is thrust up through the glacier, as the glacier decelerates and melts
      • The snout needs to remain stagnant to form till
      • When the glacier stops and melts it deposits the materials across the floor
      • Cromer Ridge, Norfolk
      • A ridge of debris representing a stationary phase during a stagnant stage
      • Found across the Valley floor - not along it
      • Hight is dependant on how long the glacier is stagnant


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