Mobility Issues P2

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  • Mobility Issues
    • Symptoms
      • Unsteadiness when walking
      • Unsteadiness when getting on and off of chairs/ beds
      • Increased number of falls
      • Struggling to move without pain
      • Joint problems
      • Muscle pains
    • Identified needs
      • Support from friends and family (emotional support)
      • Assistance with day to day tasks
      • Assistance with personal care
      • Needing assistance when moving around
      • Needing assistance to get to places - appointments or shopping
      • Intellectual stimulation as well as physical activities
      • Assistance with personal care
      • Maintaining confidence and independence
      • Maintaining routines in the day
      • Seeking advice and support with finances and accessing benefits
    • Adjustments
      • Vehicle adaptations
        • Drivng controls or pedal extenders
      • Occupational aids
        • Personal care aids
        • Walking aids
      • Stir lifts for homes with multiple floors
      • Handrails or ramps
      • Referrals to support groups
      • Mobility scooters/
      • Slip resistant mats to reduce falls
      • Widening doors
      • Lowering kitchen worktops to allow for daily tasks to be done independently


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