Mitosis mindmap

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    • 4) TELOPHASE
      • the chromosomesare cordened off into distinct new nuclei in the emerging daughter cells
      • nuclei form at different poles; nuclei envelopes formed; nucleoli reappear; chromatin fibers uncoil; cell divided equally into two
    • 3) ANAPHASE
      • sister chromatids separate and begin to move to opposite ends of cell; at the end of anaphase, each pole contains a complete compilation of chromosomes
      • the paired centromeres in each distinct chromosome begin to move apart; these are now daughter chromosomes; daughter chromosomes move to opposite poles; the two poles move farther apart; each pole now contains a compilation of chromosomes
    • 1) PROPHASE
      • chromatin condenses; nuclear envelope breaks; spindles form at opposite poles of the cell
      • chromatin fibers coil into chromosomes; each chromosome has 2 chromatids joined at a centromere; the mitotic spindle forms in the cytoplasm; two centrioles move away from one another due to lengthening of microtubules
      • division of the cell's cytoplasm to form two distinct daughter cells
    • 2) METAPHASE
      • sprindle fully develops; chromosomes align at the equator
      • nuclear membrane disappears completely; two centrioles align at each pole


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