The tempest - Miranda

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  • Miranda
    • Youth
      • Naive
        • How beauteous mankind is
        • However, she is aware of Calibans evil
          • Tis a villain,sir
        • No concept of human issues
          • Cant believe the evil that caused her being on the island
      • Innocence
        • She represents the guileless innocence of youth
        • Virginity
          • Purity
      • Impressionable
      • Obedient
        • Subservient
          • Often obeys Prospero
        • Stands up to caliban
          • Backbone
            • Abhorred slave, Which any print of goodness wilt not take, Being capable of all ill!
    • Emotional
      • Meek
        • O, I have suffered
      • Empathy
        • With those that I saw suffer
    • Isolation
      • Little human contact
        • How many goodly creatures are there here!
        • Falls in love with Ferdinand at first sight
          • A thing divine
    • Only female character
      • Gentle influence in the play
      • Her plot with Ferdinand (marriage)
        • is significant to the unity at the end of the play
      • Her plot line develops and matures
        • At end we look to her for hope in the future
      • Name = that which must be admired


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