Sources of Minerals in food

Sources of Minerals in Food

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  • Minerals (were they are found)
    • Potassium
      • It is found in Yeast, Dried Fruit, pulses, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and fruit juices.
    • Iron
      • Found in Liver, Kidney, Corned beef. Cocoa, Watercress, White bread, Dried fruit, pulses
    • Flouride
      • Seafood and fluoride water
    • Iodine
      • Seafood, Seaweed, Milk, Meat and Eggs
    • Phosphorus
      • Plant and animal cells, cereals, nuts, meat, bananas and fish
    • Sodium
      • Most fish it is added to most manufactured foods
    • Calcium
      • milk, Cheese, White bread (must be added by law)    bones of canned fish and green vegetables


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