milgram: evaluation

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  • Milgram: evaluation
    • low internal validity
      • pp realised shocks were fake
        • orne & holland
      • replication study with real shocks
        • got similar results
      • not intended to test what he wanted
      • gina perry
        • listened to pp doubts about the shocks
    • good external validity
      • findings generalise to other situations
      • hospital wards
      • reflects wider authority relationships
      • Hofling
        • studied nurses on hospital wards
        • 21/22 obeyed
        • doctor asked nurse to give pp drug
          • doctor would sign it off later
    • supporting replication
      • game of death
        • pp paid to give fake electric shocks
        • French tv show
      • 80% gave the maximum shocks
      • similar behaviour to Milgram pp
      • ordered to give shocks by presenter
      • supports conclusions


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