Middle Ages - Medicine Through Time

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  • Middle Ages 400AD - 1400AD
    • Public Health
      • Crowded
      • Open Sewers
      • Waste in rivers used for drinking and washing water
      • Cesspits - but leaked into water supply
      • Animal blood and waste in the streets
      • Rich people had baths, toilets and water
    • Causes of Disease
      • God was punishing you
      • Theory of the four humours
      • Bad air and smells
    • Treatment of disease
      • Pray to God (flagellation)
      • If you were rich - get a doctor/physician
      • Doctors study urine charts and astrology
      • Village healers and wise women give herbal remedies
      • Bleeding, purging and exericising
    • Individuals
      • Church: in control of education, no dissections, supported Galen, taught disease was from God
    • Other
      • Black death causes - God, astrology, Jews, bad air, imbalance of humours
    • Training of Doctors
      • Reading books (Galen) in monasteries
      • Universities controlled by Churches
      • By 12th Century - a few years of training


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