Merchant of Venice- downside of the Christians

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  • Merchant of Venice- downside of the Christians
    • Money obsessed(espBassanio, and maybe lorenzo)
      • In Belmont, is a lady richly left; her golden lock hang on her a golden fleece
        • Bassanio
        • After her money more than her
      • Bassanio opens the leaden casket
        • Huge Irony: Gold-digger chooses lead
    • Self-dramatising
      • In sooth, I know not why I am so sad.
        • Languid idle life
        • Antonio
      • You shall not seal for such a bond for me, I'll rather dwell in my necessity
        • Bassanio
        • Offers but never delivers
      • To let the wretched man outlive his wealth, To view with hollow eye and wrinkled brow An age of poverty; from which ling'ring penance
        • Antonio Act4Sc1
    • Self-affirming narrative on fake romance
      • Swan-like end
        • Portia
        • Overdone therefore artificial
        • Made-up "fairytale" in P's mind only
        • Elegant & elaborate metaphor
      • Now he goes, with no less presence, but with much more love, /Than young Alcides when he did redeem/ The virgin tribute paid by howling Troy/To the sea monster
        • Portia
        • Total absurdity(nonsense): Bassanio compared to Alcides, but he is morally a coward
        • Acting out their romance
      • In such night, did Jessica steal from the wealthy Jew.
        • Jessica & Lorenzo
        • "Steal" suggest tip-toe, runaway, flee
      • The moon shines bright, in such a night as this. When the sweet wind did gentally kiss the trees and they did make no noise
        • Jessica & Lorenzo
        • Cliché romance
        • Subplot: shadow of Por and Bas
        • Ironic subtext: run away like Lydia Bennet in Pride and prejudice, end up with a bad ending
        • Fairytale-like;
      • How many cowards whose hearts are all as false/As the stayers of sand, wears yet upon their chins, the beards of Hercules and frrowning Mars
        • Irony: the image of "false appearance " applies to him as much as the caskets, also"beards of Hercules" Eg total undermines P's descriptions of him as "alcides"
      • Riding  on the balls of mine
        • Double ententre: undermine romantic play-acting
    • Hypocrites when it comes to show mercy
      • "The quality of mercy is not strained" speech
        • Mercy over justice, because God said so
      • Therefore Jew, /Though justice be thy plea, consider this:/ That in the course of justice, none of us /Should see salvation.
        • Claiming how mercy above justice, that it is important to them
      • O Jew, an upright judge, a learned judge!
        • Christian as revengeful as SHYLOCK
        • Mimicking, riduculing Shylock
        • Gratiano
      • That thou shalt see the difference of our spririt,/I pardon thee thy life before tjou ask it.
        • Claim righteousness
        • Hypocritical: Link to "quality of mercy..." speech
        • Duke
        • Mask of mercy shown
        • Bias: like cutting 3 limps out and say they r so mercyful, they have left 1 limp
        • Cruel; unreasonable ;vengeance
      • The devil can cite scripture for his purpose
        • Antonio
        • Christian also said God teach mercy, but they wasn't meryful on SHYLOCK in Act4Sc1d


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