Hard Times Bk1 Ch4

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  • Chapter 4 - Mr Bounderby

  • Mr Bounderby is GG’s friend and is a “banker, merchant, manufacturer, and what not” - has his finger in every pie and is a very influential character in Coketown

  • He is like the factories he owns as he has a “stare, and a metallic laugh” making him sound like machinery - D uses a minor sentence here to make this image stick in the reader’s head

  • “Great puffed head...eyebrows up” - his head is so inflated with egoism/self-entitlement and facts; the vivid imagery and unpleasant description ensures the reader feels no sympathy for BB. D uses physical features and characteristics to help the reader understand BB’s temperament

  • “Vaunt himself as a self-made man...always proclaiming through that brassy trumpet of his, his old ignorance and poverty” - BB is arrogant and tries to make others have pity on him by reiterating he is “self-made”; machine


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