The merchant of venice Characters

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  • The Merchant of Venice
      • Very rich money lender
        • Jew - So therefore a victim of society at the time
          • Shylock lost his daughter to a christian which was not acceptable.
            • However he prefers money (he is more sad that the money and jewels were gone that his own daughter)
      • Very unpopular with the people
        • Could be argued that he is a very horrible man
          • some may think that he is a victim of          society            (Debatable)
          • He can have a pound of Antonio's flesh if he doesn't pay
    • Antonio
      • Very sad and lonley man
        • We soon underdstand why he is so unhappy- his ships are wrecked
      • He is the person that borrows the money from Shylock to help his friend Bassanio
        • he risks his own life for a friend
          • Loyal to his friend almost too loyal
            • Antonio  is a complicated and compelling character
    • Bassanio
      • Wasted all his life on a reckless lifestylye
        • He would like to marry potra and
          • He chooses the correct casket so therefore is allowed to marry portia
            • He is hansom, honest and a true man
              • All the other men that have come to try and marry potia  choose either the gold or silver casket.
                • However Bassanio chooses the correct box.
    • Portia
      • She is not allowed to choose who she marries
        • Her father died and didn't let her choose her husband.
          • She however 'saves the day' when she saves her future husband against shylock
            • She dresses up as a man and find many faults in shylocks plans.
              • She is a strong active female  (romantic heroin)
                • When it comes to the court scene Portia is a very fair judge. She does however realise that
                  • there is a problem with shylock's proposal. no blood is allowed to be shed. This means shylock can have a pound of fleash but he can't draw blood


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