Men and male attitudes

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  • Men and male attitudes
    • DUFFY 1. Standing female nude
      • Title: manifesto signifying confidence in a world where women are marginalised and metaphorically remain seated.
      • Persona is nameless, whereas male painter Georges is given a name - dehumanised
      • First person narrative- prostitute- dramatic monologue
      • Despite the thrall of men the prostitute demonstrates somewhat power "little man, you've not the money for the arts I sell"
        • Adjective little: reduction in status/ sexually dismissive (implied comparison) eludes to the overly inflated egos men display sexually.
      • Doesn't enjoy what she does "six hours like this for a few franks" aggressive sounding alliteration ie "****" Reflects Duffy's own displeasure at the objectification of women
        • Persona shows ambivilance in attitude towards G. "we both.." inclusive pronoun indicates Duffy's deeper intention of addressing political/ economic issues
          • Persona is contemptuous of exploitive treatment: interjections by Georges indicate his true focus is only making money out of her body "thin...this is not good"
            • Belly, ******, **** - (expletives) women are reduced to sexual objects at the expense of men. Also lacks punctuation indicating she is being percieved as an over all object.
              • They call it art, maybe. CAESURA: conveys sarcastic tone
              • "it does not look like me" simple sentence. It is simple to Duffy that a women's body is not the woman herself like men percieve it. She does NOT allow georges to possess her.
                • Narrator has thoughts and feelings and is laughing at the irony
            • Geoges is benefitting from this, he will be rich if his art is a success
      • Forced to pros by economic circumstance
      • Duffy uses her terminology to her feminist advantage
        • "I shall be presented analytically" casual though defiant tone - Georges was though by the bourgeoise to be a genius
    • PUGH 1. Eva and the roofers
      • Title: In contrast to Duffy's prostitute persona, Pugh's persona is named, and "the roofers" are not.
        • Eva takes advantage of power: shifting "accidentally on purpose" juxtaposition conveys a lighthearted tone - reflecting her control of the experience
          • Pugh has created a more idillic picture of how male/ female encounters should be
            • female in control rather than being forced into exploiting her body to men for economical reasons like in Duffy's poem
    • DUFFY 2. Comprehensive
      • Explores the perspectives of english and immigrant pupils
        • Multiple 1st person personas, presents contrast between London and Africa
          • Title = ironic "comprehensive" has connotations of "all inclusivness/ togetherness" whereas white british males especially are presented as particularly discriminative towards immigrants and women
            • Enjambment: "A girl who can cook // with long legs" Duffy presents the stereotypical notion that women are merely housebound objects
              • "****-bashing and pulling girls' // knickers down" violent connotations - reflects the rash and brutish attitudes of males/ rascist remarks. Enjambment = highlighting the differences the persona feels
                • Simple sentences - implied accent. "I dont suppose i'll get A job. It's all them// coming over here to work."
                  • CAESURA and ENJAMBMENT = irony that it is not the fault of the immigrants that "wayne" can't find work.
                  • Ends with "everything I saw was true"
                • Simple sentences convey the struggles of the immigrant students but also the uneducated and mindless nature of the English teenagers.
                  • JUXTAPOSITION of attitudes: "probably workk in safeways" VS "I have hope and have ambition"
            • My sister went out with one - one = depersonification i.e rascist.
      • WHY
        • duffy resided in London between 82 and 84.
          • Wayne (almost a caricature) representitive of her observations of white male xenophobic attitudes.
            • IRONY: britain not multicultural by chance - we colonised other parts of the world then voted foe EU integration.
              • MESSAGE: we have no right to a xenophobic attitude
    • PUGH 2. Old widowers
      • Justifies the irony of "a girl who can cook with long legs"
        • 3rd person narrator observing old male widowers.
          • "Their ties are the wrong colours.// No one inspects them now of a morning" Impression men are dependant on women
            • Seemingly lost widows are contrasted to Duffys white british males, who value women for their "long legs"
    • Connection: Attitudes of men towards women/ mens perception of women both positive and negative
    • Connection: Mens brutish attitude toward women vs dependant on women


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