OCR Biology - Membrane Components

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  • Membrane Components
    • Glycolipids and Glycoproteins
      • act as receptor sites
      • hormones can bind to them
      • drugs can bind to them
        • stimulate a response within the cell
          • hormones can bind to them
      • involve in cell signalling in the immune system
    • Intrinsic Proteins
      • are channel proteins
      • Transport Proteins
      • allow movement of molecule that are normally too larger or too hydrophilic to pass through the membrane by forming a tube-like structure that goes through the whole membrane
    • Transport Proteins
      • Carrier Proteins
      • use energy in the form of ATP
      • move substances across the membrane
    • Enzymes and Coenzymes
      • attached in order to carry out metabolic reactions
    • Cholesterol
      • provides strength
      • stability by reducing fluidity
        • making bilayer more complete


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