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Cells and Organelles
03 January 2011

Organisms can be Prokaryotes or Eukaryotes
Prokaryotic cells single-celled organisms
Eukaryotic cells are complex and include all animal and plant cells
Prokaryotic cells smaller and simpler
Both cells contain organelles

Plant and Animal Cells are Both Eukaryotic
Animal cell
Cell membrane

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Very small organelle that floats free in cytoplasm or is attached to RER
Site where proteins made

Endoplasmic reticulum
Two types: SER - system of membranes enclosing fluid-filled space, RER - similar, but covered
in ribosomes
SER synthesises and processes lipids
RER folds and processes proteins made by ribosomes…

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In cross-section have outer membrane and ring of nine pairs of protein microtubules inside with
single pair of microtubules in middle
Microtubules allow cilia to move
Moved used by cell to move substances along cell surface

On eukaryotic cells
Are like cilia but longer
Stick out from cell surface…


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